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Reciprocity Foundation founded by Architect & Urban Designer Sheila Sri Prakash seeks to raise awareness, engage minds, build networks, share success stories and motivate actions towards creating sustainable cities. She believes “reciprocity” concerns the holistic sustainability of Earth and humanity and therefore everyone is an affected stakeholder.

Know more about Reciprocity Foundation

The objectives of the Foundation which is registered as a public charitable trust are:

  • To facilitate appreciation of the concept of Reciprocity as a responsive eco-system of urban development that is holistically sustainable

  • To assist and fund research, seminars, events, projects and conferences to evolve design solutions that would help in creating a responsive eco-system

  • To bring together experts, business leaders, administrators, NGOs and prominent citizens to share knowledge and best practices that enhances our responses to preserve the planet and humanity

  • To inspire public awareness among ordinary citizens about the serious challenges posed by the imminent breaching of planetary boundaries, and how they can help

  • To award grants, scholarships, etc., for undertaking research in development of new design solutions

  • To set up a resource center for students and researchers to undertake study and develop new solutions, which will also serve as a digital library of best practices for citizens to refer and contribute

Its purpose is best summed up by Dominic Waughray, Head of Public – Private Partnership, World Economic Forum

“The Reciprocity Foundation is a wonderful concept. It can become a living, breathing ‘Library of Alexandria,’ for Indian civil society, offering a digital treasure trove of information, networks and contacts to help mobilize multi-stakeholder grassroots engagement in today’s critical environmental and social issues.”

The motto of the Foundation

Participate. Collaborate.

Some of the activities conceived to achieve the objectives of the trust are:

  • Reciprocity Fest
  • Reciprocity digital library
  • Reciprocity Experiential Centres
  • Continuing education
    programs on Reciprocity
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