START Launch

A warm Sunday morning, over 600 attendees, melodious music by Smt Bombay Jayashri ji, expanse of freshly cut grass at The Gandhi Nagar cricket grounds, sapling plantation, over 400 enthusiastic volunteers who cleaned-up of 180-200 kilograms of plastic and waste, a perfect beginning to the launch of the START program. A stepping stone for what we envision for cleaning and remedying The Adyar River.. 
The story behind the START initiative is two fold – one, to engage all the stakeholders around the river and create a sense of solidarity, and two, to create a bottom-up movement with people getting out to own and take action to clean up the river.  As we all know, Chennai is lucky to be blessed with 3 rivers that flow through the city. 
In honor of World Rivers Day (30th Sept, 2018), Reciprocity Foundation launched START (Save The Adyar River Today) to empathise with the cause of protecting and saving The Adyar. START brings together key stakeholders and our people and initiate a movement of hope and remediation of the Adyar river by soliciting solidarity and consensus for action. 

The program was launched with the soulful early morning music concert by Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath on 30th Sept 2018, at 6:30 AMat Gandhi Nagar Cricket grounds in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.  The music was followed by a clean-up activity along the Adyar River with the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) team.  Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath later planted a Sapling in the cricket grounds in honor of World Rivers Day 2018. Smt. Jayashri along with the attendees of the concert and other groups from EFI, Cognizant Outreach, Rotaract Club, Volunteers from Colleges, Urban Tree Developers, Committee, coaches and students of the cricket club, Kotturpuram Residents Association, Solid Waste Management Peoples’ Forum joined for a symbolic clean-up, and filled up bags totaling 180-200 kilograms of plastic and waste consisting of plastics, thermocol, cloth, disintegrating sacks, cardboard, glass etc to show solidarity towards the cause of the River. 

The seed for this initiative was sown by Ar. Sheila Sri Prakash, Founder and Chief Architect, Shilpa Architects Planners Designers Pvt. Ltd.  She spoke about the larger vision for the program, which would include 100% cooperation with all the Foundation’s partners and the stakeholders around the river. 

The Launch and the larger program would not be possible without the passionate team that resonate with the vision. 

  • Sustainability Partner and Event Sponsor, Chennai Super Kings
  • The Creatives from RAGE Communications, without which we would not be able to communicate the vision and activities of the program.  RAGE helped us with the digital and on-site creatives! 
  • EVENT ART team for the decor and execution of the program.
  • Mr. Sukumar, Vice President, Gandhi Nagar Cricket and Sports Club and the entire committee for the venue
  • Arvind and Volunteers from Environmentalist Foundation of India for setting up and actioning the clean up. 
  • Freshly brewed coffee setup by LEO Coffee
  • Shilpa Architects Planners Designers Pvt. Ltd. team for their on-ground support
  • Stone Lotus Design for their support in creating event-specific branding and execution 
  • Staff of Reciprocity Foundation 

“A divine beginning for START, and look forward to the initiative gaining momentum by way of participation, collaboration and reciprocation for solidarity and consensus to clean up our Adyar River.”  – Architect, Urban Designer and Founder of Reciprocity Foundation, Mrs. Sheila Sri Prakash

Please do join us collaborate with us for the upcoming programs

  • Competition for creating an Anthem for the River 
  • Programs in schools in collaboration with AWCEM (Oct 2018 through Nov 2018)
  • Cyclothon in collaboration with TI Cycles (8th Dec 2018)

With such a positive and vibrant start, we wish to collaborate with more organizations and public communities to successfully clean and remedy the Adyar River. 

As always, we are available to brainstorm and coordinate with you to create a positive ecosystem, drive ownership, create consensus and gather solidarity for THE ADYAR RIVER. 

Photo Gallery:

 The coming together of various stakeholders and organizations is a testament of the enthusiasm of the public and community towards this cause.  A million thanks to our partners and collaborators.  
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