Save The Adyar River Today

The Reciprocity Foundation seeks to create a ground swell movement of awareness and action to enable humanity to make the right choices in life for the Sustainability of our Planet and our People. Our bountiful Planet is being abused and misused for short sighted gain. International protocols and National Mandates can only succeed with public support and resonance.

We are happy to present START (Save The Adyar River Today), a project for which we request your participation and collaboration.

Chennai is lucky to be blessed with 3 rivers that flow through the city. This year, in honor of World Rivers Day (30th Sept, 2018), we seek to bring together our government, our stakeholders and our people to empathise with the cause of protecting and saving The Adyar, an iconic physical attribute to our city.

Our project START launches a movement of hope and remediation of the Adyar river by soliciting solidarity and consensus for action .

The Reciprocity Foundation will curate a myriad of activities, initiatives, events and programs, in Arts, Sports, Entertainment, Literature, and Legacy, that punctuate the calendar spread over October 2018 through January 2019, to celebrate and empower the community.

During this period the river cleaning and remediation through planting will be conducted with public and stakeholder group participation. The stakeholders including the Government, Corporates, NGOs, Clubs, Institutions and Residential Associations will participate in programs that lead to Participation, Collaboration, and Reciprocation to the cause of the Adyar.


Calendar of Events:



Sunday, 30th Sept 2018

A warm Sunday morning, over 600 attendees, melodious music by Smt Bombay Jayashri ji, expanse of freshly cut grass at The Gandhi Nagar cricket grounds, sapling plantation, over 400 enthusiastic volunteers who cleaned-up of 180-200 kilograms of plastic and waste, a perfect beginning to the launch of the START program. A stepping stone for what we envision for cleaning and remedying The Adyar River.. 

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Individual / Institutional / Corporate / Group participation welcome.  To learn more, collaborate and participate in these initiatives, email or call +91 99625 04155!

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Please note: Additional key partners and collaborators will be added post confirmation and approval with concerned authorities. 


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