Reciprocity Fest day 2

Day 2 starts with a bang!

The day 2 of the Reciprocity fest 2018 at Kalakshetra foundation started with a yoga class, origami workshop for children along with the Fooya health champion games. Scroll down for highlights!

Yoga for All:

The Yoga workshop of the Reciprocity fest happened around 11 am at the Kalakshetra Foundation under a Banyan tree, which was attended by 15 people.


She said that the primary benefits of today’s workshop was that she made them use props while performing different Yoga postures.

She also emphasized on the fact that Yoga helped improve the alignment and flexibility of the body and more youngsters were joining these workshops.

Where old newspaper turns into art:

An origami workshop happened at the Sustainable Health Centre on the second day of the Reciprocity fest at the Kalakshetra Foundation, where eight children between 5-15 years of age learnt about making different shapes and figures from paper.

The workshop emphasized the need to remain artistically creative especially when the children these days usually remain engaged with electronic gadgets.

Meditate for joy and peace:

Around 20 youngsters attended a meditation workshop on the second day of the Reciprocity fest at the Kalakshetra Foundation. It was conducted by the Heartfulness Institute, a non-profit organisation with over 50,000 volunteers.

The people at the workshop expressed that they were curious about curious about meditation and wanted to experience greater emotion stability.

The instructor explained that usually people come to these workshops to find a sense of balance.

He also explained that meditation was effortless focus on one thing for a period of time. He also talked about being balanced and calm for optimal performance.

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