The Bazaar with a buzz


Parampara is a sustainable movement that aims to bring back lost knowledge of India with regard to healthy food and hygiene practices.

Charu Patel, a member of the initiative said that they want to bring back the Parampara of India. 

One of their movements focuses on the importance of Tulasi by creating awareness all over Chennai about its medicinal values.

Their other movement focuses on inculcating the idea of daan, recycling of all energies.

Their establishment is based in Guduvancheri.

They manufacture disinfectants out of cow urine and many other herbs. They also make notebooks and notepads out of cow dung. 

The other stalls at the Eco Bazaar had a variety of items right from notebooks made from elephant dung, chemical free vegetables and fruits, pouches made from milk packets till laptop bags made out of used tyres.

The go green theme was further highlighted by stalls which sold traditional South Indian snacks and sweets, organic cosmetics and stationery made from recycled paper. 

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