Eco Bazaar Rules

Thank you for your interest and participation in The Reciprocity Fest!!  We are very happy to have you on board, and bring together local experts, organizations and the community to promote and provide choices to enable Sustainable & Conscious Living. 
This free event is supported by the Reciprocity Foundation and Sponsors, partners/organizations/ brands, who share our passion and commitment to Sustainability and Healthy living.

Please read the notes below carefully: 

  1. We aim to make this event a “Zero Waster Event” and will be working with partners to responsibly recycle all the waste generated.  Towards this please ensure:
    • No Plastic / Flex Printing / Flex Standee
    • No plastic bags, plastic silver ware, plates, styrofoam, foil-lined paper and other non-recyclable products. Only biodegradable products and packaging materials allowed.
    • Single use plastics and disposable plastic items (incl spoons and forks ) are not allowed.
    • Stainless steel/Ceramic dishes and plantain leaf, reusable tumblers, ceramic cups must be used to distribute food and water. 
    • We can give you a contact if you want to use bio-degradable/compostable packaging
  2. Payment: Please ensure that the payment is complete and you collect the Receipt before the fest.  
  3. Reservation: Space reservation is for 10 AM Saturday, 10th Feb 2018 to 9 PM, Sunday, 11th Feb 2018 at Reciprocity Fest 2018 at Kalakshetra Foundation, Kalakshetra Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041.
  4. Setup will begin at 6:00 a.m. and must be completed no later than 8:30 AM on Saturday, 10th Feb 2018. Participants must set up and pack-up their stall themselves.
  5. Stall Space: Participants will be given the selected stall but will need to bring a Table Cover, Standee and Eco-friendly d├ęcor to deck the stall attractively (hand-written or cloth printed banner, small cane shelves, local woven baskets ok. No Plastic/Flex Standee/Banners). We will provide Tables, chairs & hand-painted wooden signage. 
  6. Materials: Participants may bring informational environmental flyers/brochures relating to their green services/product. Educational environmental displays and demonstrations are highly encouraged.
  7. Clean-up: You are responsible for maintenance and cleanup of your booth area. You are required to dispose of your own trash in the Bins provided at the Venue. Please put all materials that can be recycled in the proper designated recycle bins and the rest of your trash in the designated disposal areas.
  8. Responsibility: The Eco Fair is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. The Reciprocity Foundation, its staff, and volunteers shall not be responsible for any claims, loss of articles, damage or injury that may occur to the exhibitor or property for any cause whatsoever. Nonetheless, the Organizers will do its best to maintain the integrity and respectability of the event for the benefit of all concerned.
  9. Promotion: We are promoting the event on FB (, The Hindu (Media Partners), Radio One (Radio Partners) You also please feel free to share with your contacts. 
  10. Please “Like” our Facebook Page.
  11. If any of the vendors are breaching our Terms and Conditions or the venue’s policies, the Reciprocity Foundation has the right to refuse or cancel any business or organization. This includes prior to and during the event.

Please contact for any clarification.

Thank you. 

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